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Open Doors

26th May at 6pm, parents and children are welcome to come to our Open Door even at Putnu darzs nursery, Baložu street 11, Riga. During the event, you will learn more about our environment, values and philosophy of education, the Reggio Emilia approach, day groups for children and Summer School Nature.Art.Motion.

Contact us for more information: or +371 2 7812827

Summer School Nature.Art.Motion.

Putnu dārzs invites children aged 1 to 10 to apply for its Nature.Art.Motion Summer School. During the Summer School, children will spend a lot of time outdoors, exploring processes in the nature, learning about various textile art techniques, developing their sense of rhythm and balance and improving movements. The objectives of the summer school are to foster children’s desire to learn, to find patterns in nature and in the urban environment, to refine their sense of taste, develop their motor skills and rhythm and to teach them to think logically. As part of these activities, children will learn how to plan their work, put their ideas on paper, rate their achievements and draw conclusions. Upon graduation from the summer school, children will assess their progress with educators, and parents will receive a portfolio describing their children’s everyday activities and an evaluation of their development.

Summer school dates and fees for 1 to 2 years old children:

  • 1 June – 15 June (10 days, 9:00-14:00), EUR 130
  • 16 June – 1 July (10 days, 9:00-14:00), EUR 130
  • 1 August – 12 August (10 days, 9:00-14:00), EUR 130
  • 15 August – 26 August (10 days, 9:00-14:00), EUR 130
  • 1 June – 1 July (20 days, 9:00-14:00), EUR 260
  • 1 August – 26 August (20 days, 9:00-14:00), EUR 260

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Summer school dates and fees for 3 to 10 year-old children:

  • 1 June – 15 June (10 days, 8:30-17:30), EUR 250
  • 16 June – 1 July (10 days, 8:30-17:30), EUR 250
  • 1 August – 12 August (10 days, 8:30-17:30), EUR 250
  • 15 August – 26 August (10 days, 8:30-17:30), EUR 250
  • 1 June – 1 July (20 days, 8:30-17:30), EUR 480
  • 1 August – 26 August (20 days, 8:30-17:30), EUR 480

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A 10% discount applies for children from one family.

The summer school fee includes three meals a day; child-oriented activities; work and learning materials; documentation of day-to-day activities and evaluation of their development.

Contact us for more information: or +371 2 7812827

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Putnu dārzs welcomes to joint work in the garden!


About the Reggio Emilio

It has been explained in various ways: “What is the Reggio Emilio approach?” The portal features an article “Kindergarten of the Reggio approach in Pārdaugava”, where you can read about the basic principles of Putnu Dārzs and take a look at the pictures of the nursery’s premises and toys. The programme “Ģimenes Studija” (Family Studio) on the Latvian Radio, in its turn, informed about the differences between the Reggio Emilia approach and other alternative pedagogies as well as other innovative methods in the area of education in Latvia. An academic insight into the history of the development of this approach, as well as a more detailed description of the conditions for its implementation, together with information about positive experiences from other countries was provided by Ireta Čekse in a guest lecture as part of the “Environment of Education” course at the Faculty of Education, Psychology and Art of the University of Latvia.

We encourage you to check out the following sources (information is available in Latvian only):

Welcome to Putnu dārzs!

Putnu dārzs – a conceptually new child development centre, located in the heart of Pārdaugava, at 11 Baložu Street in Āgenskalns, Riga, is opening its doors at the beginning of 2016.

Before deciding on your child/children attending Putnu dārzs on a regular basis, you are welcome to visit us and get acquainted with the staff and premises at individual lessons and activities or use the children’s leisure-time group.